Welcome to Parkway Veterinary Clinic, your local veterinarians in Plymouth, MI.

We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for dogs & cats in Plymouth, MI & surrounding areas. Please call us at 734-453-2577  to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members or make an appointment!

Quality veterinary care for your pets has been our mission for over 50 years.

Parkway Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. Wesley “Wes” Lickfeldt in 1949. The practice served both large and small animals and was surrounded by fields and open space. Over the years, Dr. McClumpha became the veterinarian and gradually the practice grew to serve the small animal population.

Eventually, Dr. McClumpha was joined by Dr. Kirchgatter.  Dr. Bares became a partner in 1975, as the practice continued to grow. Dr. Routson joined the practice in 1990. In 2019, Dr. Nicholas Naszradi joined our team. Dr. Routson grew up in the Plymouth/Canton community, and Dr. Naszradi grew up in surrounding communities. Our veterinarians have all remained committed to serving this area which has served us so well throughout our early years.

We are dedicated to remaining an integral part of this community for years to come. The entire Parkway staff is dedicated to providing the best possible care for you and your pets. We strive to practice high-quality medicine. We appreciate your faith in allowing us to partner with you in caring for your pets.

Rooted in Community, Excellence and Love

Rooted in Community, Excellence and Love

Fear Free Veterinary Care

As veterinary professionals, we understand the emotional demand of the veterinary field. We know the impact that stress and anxiety can have on our patients, our professionals, and our practices.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can resolve this downward trend in mental health, restore trust in veterinarians as the true pet health experts, and most importantly reduce feelings of stress, resulting in a better experience for all involved. Fear Free veterinary visits are the answer.